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No merit is a fault, so is a small one
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No merit is a fault, so is a small one

New enterprises come and old ones go every day. Today's Yuchai is the efforts of generations of Yuchai employees, who dare to take their responsibility, have the courage to forge ahead, strive to make outstanding achievements and refuse to accept mediocrity. The subsequent Yuchai employees should cherish these efforts.Despite the remarkable achievements in 2020, the road ahead is full of thorns and hardships. It is extremely important for all Yuchai employees to work with morale, passion and motivation. When two armies are pitted against each other, they are fighting a battle of wits and courage, and also a battle of resilience and determination. Only by always taking an attitude that no merit is a fault and forcing ourselves to work hard and embrace responsibility with passion can Yuchai go through another 70 years.

——Li Hanyang, Chairman of Yuchai
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