Strength in R&D

To be the Global Leader for Professional Power Systems

National Enterprise Technology Center, Ranking First in the Industry and Fifth throughout the Country
A number of invention patents have filled in gaps in domestic technology and generated considerable economic and social benefits after application. We have made fruitful achievements in R&D. Six achievements including the "Key Technology of Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Diesel Engines and Commercialization" have won the national science and technology progress award, and another 25 achievements have won provincial awards.
  • Industry TOP1
    National Enterprise Technology Center
  • 5300 +
    Authorized Patents
  • 40 +
    Joint Development Centers established in Cooperation with Domestic and Foreign Scientific Research Institutions
  • 1400 +
    Advanced Technical Talents
Integrated Product Development (YCIPD)

Yuchai has set up three R&D bases in Yulin, Nanning and Europe, and owns a national enterprise technology center, a state-accredited laboratory, a post-doctoral research center, an academician & expert research center and a national engineering laboratory for internal combustion engines.

Upgrading of Eight Core Technology Capabilities
  • Electronically-control Calibration Technology Capability
  • Electromechanical Integration Technology Capability
  • Electric Drive Technology Capability
  • Forward Development Capability of Engine
  • Fuel Cell Power System R&D and Integration Capability
  • Product Evaluation Capability
  • Control Strategy Development Capability
  • Vehicle Power Matching Capability
  • Yuchai R&D Center
    As Yuchai's test base for new product development and product upgrading, the laboratory is a core department of the R&D Center, mainly responsible for engine bench test, parts function test, emission test, NVH test, engine test and other special tests.
  • Yuchai Leading Technology Institute
    The Leading Technology Institute is responsible for technology development of engines, powertrain systems and clean-energy engine products, for Yuchai's technology project planning and establishment, technology development and research, and technology project management based on market and customer requirements, and for preparation of technologies in advance for product development through technology transfer to support the realization of Yuchai's strategic target.
  • Yuchai R&D Team
    The R&D team consists of more than 1,400 advanced technical talents. Among them, there are 11 enjoying the government special allowance of the State Council, 1 Bagui scholar, 1 Bagui young scholar and 3 specially-invited experts in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.According to the 2019 evaluation results of national enterprise technology centers released by the National Development and Reform Commission, Yuchai ranked first in the engine industry and fifth throughout the country.
  • Test Center
    Founded in 1995, the test center now has two test bases in Nanning and Yulin. With a cumulative fixed-asset investment of over CNY 1.35 billion and more than 100 test stands for reliability, emission and special verification capabilities, it is now the largest and most advanced engine R&D test base in China. In terms of power, the test center can carry out tests for micro, light, medium and heavy engines, achieving the widest power coverage in the industry. Moreover, it keeps pace with the world in terms of its test equipment level, and can carry out tests for China VI and Tier 4 engines to meet all the test requirements of the industry in the current stage. Particularly in terms of test capability for China VI engines, the test center can carry out real-time measurement for the number of non-volatile particles with the diameter of 23 nm-2.5 m. The measurement accuracy of its gas analyzer for ammonia gas measurement is up to 1 ppm, keeping the same with overseas well-known R&D institutions such as AVL, FEV and Ricardo and staying far ahead of its domestic peers. Through years of rapid development, the test center has a number of qualifications in the industry, including China National Accredited Laboratory (CNAL), National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient, Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly Internal Combustion Engines (the only one in the industry), and Certificate of Test Agency for Emission issued by China Classification Society (CCS), firmly grasping the discourse power in technology competition in the industry.
Keeping Pace with the World's Advanced Level in Technology and Leading the Green Revolution in the Engine Industry

Yuchai has concluded strategic cooperation agreements with international technology and service providers like Bosch and Caterpillar, and built a product technology R&D platform that centers on independent R&D technologies, gears to world cutting-edge technologies, and leverages external resources to promote internal development.

We have undertaken 20 national key R&D projects including "Research on Emission Control and After-treatment System Technology for Alternative Fuel Vehicles meeting China VI Standard" and "China-US Joint Research on Key Technology for Improvement of Energy Efficiency of Medium- and Heavy-duty Trucks", participated in the formulation of 85 national and industry standards, and become the first enterprise in China to launch the diesel engines that comply with China III, China IV, China V and China VI emission standards, and put them into production and on the market in batch. We successfully developed China's first diesel engine up to the Euro VI emission standard in 2011, and took the lead in the industry to launch a full range of China VI engines in 2018. Among them, YCK08 is the first China VI diesel engine that has the certification report showing compliance with the China VI-b emission standard, and also the first China VI heavy-duty diesel engine that has completed all type test items in China.

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