Upgrading of Eight Core Technology Capabilities
At present, Yuchai has completed the comprehensive layout of power systems for commercial vehicles, and established the New Energy Power Business Unit while comprehensively laying out the new-generation China VI efficient commercial engines, to gather global excellent resources, and provide clean-energy engine solutions for 2020+ Chinese commercial vehicles by centering on market demands for forward performance, and thus contribute to the upgrading of Chinese commercial vehicle engines
  • Electronically-control Calibration Technology Capability
  • Electromechanical Integration Technology Capability
  • Electric Drive Technology Capability
  • Forward Development Capability of Engine
  • Fuel Cell Power System R&D and Integration Capability
  • Product Evaluation Capability
  • Control Strategy Development Capability
  • Vehicle Power Matching Capability
Yuchai Clean-energy Engine Technology Strategy Analysis
Under the guidance of environmental intelligence, considering energy saving and emission reduction, safety, life cycle cost and segmentation needs, the future power technology will be developed towards electromechanical technology coupling, balance between software and hardware, and coexistence of multiple technology routes, with the total power demand consisting of engine fuel and electric drive energy in different proportions according to demand
Clean-energy Engine Products
The New Energy Power Business Unit of Yuchai has gradually established a perfect organizational structure and operation system covering R&D, manufacturing and sales
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